Scholarship Opportunity for Master and Doctorate

The DLang UPB Languages and Systems Research Scholarship

The D Language Foundation is pleased to extend the Languages and Systems Research Scholarships to EE and CS students at University “Politehnica” Bucharest (UPB).

This scholarship was established to recognize outstanding full-time students enrolled in postgraduate research in the Departments of Electrical Engineering (“Electronica si Telecomunicatii”) and Computer Science (“Automatica si Calculatoare”) at UPB. The award fosters graduate-level (MSc and PhD) research in the fields of Programming Languages and Systems, with an emphasis on subdomains and topics most relevant to the mission of the Foundation. These include but are not limited to:

  • Systems programming languages semantics and implementation
  • Engines for code transformation and refactoring
  • Optimizers
  • Plugins for code editors
  • Memory safety
  • Static and dynamic program analysis
  • Networking and security
  • Core runtime, memory allocation, garbage collection
  • Libraries and frameworks
  • Static/dynamic linking and loading
  • Generic and Generative Programming

The scholarship award may be for an amount up to 900 RON per week decided on a semester basis. Semester dates are defined by the UPB academic calendar. We may approve partial scholarships that start during a semester; however, a scholarship period always ends with the semester. The funds are intended to cover room, board, books and other educational supplies, equipment, and other research costs of students. Approved applicants agree to not pursue paid employment for the duration of the scholarship.

For elegibility requirements and more info please click here.


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