One of CareerTeam main activities is organizing conferences in ETTI Faculty.

Starting with ETTI alumni, and continuing with antrepreneurs, HR people and CEOs, all of them are invited by our team to present their stories in front of our colleagues, to share their experience, to announce their opportunities and to help students to be prepared for a prosperous career.

Since October 2012 we have organized over 25 conferences and career events with top IT companies in Romania.


CT Partner Event Name Speakers Date Links
Microsoft Opportunities at Microsoft Romania 2017 April 24th Details
Vodafone GET Programme 2017 March 22rd Details | Photos
Telecom Academy HUB Educațional 2017 March 14th Details | Photos


CT Partner Event Name Speakers Date Links
IBM Interview the recruiter! 2016 April 14th Details
Vodafone GET Programme Presentation 2016 March 23rd Details
Bit Academy Prezentare Bit Academy Bogdan Nastase, Rodica Huides, Sorin Radulescu, Mihai Zugravu, Razvan Nastase, Florian Iancu, Ionut Vlad 2016 March 2nd Details
Seedcamp  Meet Carlos Espinal from Seedcamp   Carlos Espinal from Seedcamp  2015 November 25th  Details
Telecom Academy Prezentare TelAcad Cristian Deacu – Manager Telecom Academy, Nicolai Sandu – Engineer Cisco Romania, Bogdan Doinea – Engineer Cisco Romania 2015 October 7th Details | Photos


CT Partner Event Name Speakers Date Links
IBM Romania Make your future with IBM! Hary Olaru – CEO IBM RoCEB, Gabriel Vlad – Agile Project Manager, Horatiu Staicovici – System Administrator, Septar Ozgean – Data Specialist, Cristian Secu – HR Specialist 2015 April 8th Details | Presentation | Photos
RCS&RDS Conferinta RCS&RDS in ETTI Alexandra Barbu, Iulia Nastase, Cristi Marin, Adrian Nicolae, Marius Ion, Dragos Spataru, Silviu Paicu 2015 March 25th Details | Photos
ISS Magurele Conferinta ISS Magurele in ETTI Dr. Gina Isar 2015 March 5th Details | Presentation | Photos
Telekom Romania Lectie deschisa cu dl. Nikolai Beckers Nikolai Beckers – CEO 2014 December 10th Details | Photos
Orange Romania Cariera Ta in Era Digitala Viorel Nedelcu – Recruitment Manager, Silvia Mogos – Technical Recruitment Specialist, George Ciobanu – Service Engineer, Loredana Nilca – Recruitment Specialist 2014 November 20th Details | Photos
Alcatel-Lucent Lectie Deschisa cu invitatii Alcatel-Lucent Eugen Serbanescu – General Manager & CSO 2014 November 3rd Details | Photos
Brainspotting CV-ul care ma angajeaza! Maria Hostiuc, Roxana Barbu, Alexandra Vladut, George Teodorescu, Gabriel Mihalache 2014 Octomber 28th Details | Photos


CT Partner Event Name Speakers Date Links
Orange Romania Cariera Ta in Era Digitala Silvia Mogos – HR Orange Romania, Viorel Nedelcu – HR Orange Romania 2014 April 16th Details | Photos
Huawei De ce sa aleg acum Huawei? Cristina Florescu – HR Huawei 2014 April 9th Details | Photos
IBM Dialog deschis cu IBM Cristian Secu – HR IBM 2014 March 27th Details | Photos
Vodafone Romania Lectie deschisa sustinuta sustinuta de dl. Iñaki Berroeta Iñaki Berroeta, CEO Vodafone Romania 2015 December 3rd Details | Presentation | Photos
Orange Romania Orange First Step Viorel Nedelcu – HR Orange Romania, Silvia Mogos – HR Orange Romania, Angelica Mirica – HR Orange Romania 2013 October 30th Details | Presentation | Photos


CT Partner Event Name Speakers Date Links
Beia Consult, Best Jobs Workshop CarieraTa v1.5 George Suciu Sr. & Jr. – CEO Beia Consult, Andreea Mihaescu – Best Jobs 2013 April 5th Details | Photos
Adrian Niculescu Workshop CarieraTa v1.4 Adian Niculescu – Speaker, Coach, Trainer 2013 April 4th Details | Photos
Freescale Workshop CarieraTa v1.3 Roxana Dragomir, Andrei Alexandru Enescu, Bogdan Sandoi 2013 March 5th Details | Presentation | Photos
Alumni ETTI Workshop CarieraTa v1.2 Irina Apostol – IT Project Manager Orange Romania 2012 November 27th Details | Presentation | Photos
Evogal Workshop CarieraTa George Chirilus – CEO Evogal 2012 October 24th Details | Presentation | Photos